Robin Murray - Selected Writings

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Nov 2020

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Robin Murray (1940-2017) was a radical economist whose work spanned fair trade, industrial strategy and technological change. This special collection, edited by Murray’s lifelong friend and collaborator Michael Rustin, gathers together his major writings for the first time.

Robin Murray: Selected Writings demonstrates the breadth of Murray’s intellectual curiosity and his political commitment to finding new ways of organising the economy and society. A thinker at the heart of left-wing thought and contributor to the seminal 1968 May Day Manifesto, Robin Murray’s pioneering work encompasses diverse areas including fair trade, waste management, and, crucially, the regeneration of London via the London Industrial Strategy of radical local authority the GLC in the 1980s. Much of Murray’s work has striking contemporary relevance, for example his passion for ecological sustainability, co-operatives and fair trade, and his analysis of the developing ‘attention economy’ and its impact on a new era of digital platforms.

This collection has been curated to showcase the many contexts within which Robin Murray’s boundless energy, enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity saw him collaborating. Murray’s work exemplifies how cooperation can bring about real social change; this book will appeal to students, policymakers and anyone interested in radical social transformation.

Biographical Introduction Stephen Yeo

Thematic Introduction: Michael Rustin

Post Fordism
Benetton Britain (1985) Life after Henry (Ford) (1998)
The state after Henry (1991)
New directions in municipal socialism (1984)
Multinational Capitalism
Multinationals and social control (1989)
Waste and Recycling
Creating wealth from waste (1999)
Political Economy
The New Political Economy of Public Life (2004)
Fair Trade
The Fair Trade Revolution (2011)
Taking stock, looking forward (2015)
Social Economy
Danger and opportunity: crisis and the new social economy (2009)
Platform Economy
New Formations: Interview with Jeremy Gilbert and Andrew Goffey (2015)