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Jeremy Gilbert argues that all the talk about persuading New Labour to rethink is hopeless optimism, and that the only way to oppose its wholehearted embrace of neo-liberalism is to build popular opposition to the government, and to the global forces to which it is linked.

In words and photographs Cynthia Cockburn explores our discomfort and anxiety around the lifeless body.

Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja charts the history of the Congo's own democratic traditions, and argues that outside intervention has not assisted their development.

Michael Rustin argues that greater well-being is unlikely to be promoted in a system whose main goal is increased economic efficiency.

The English left needs a model of civic nationalism if England is to have a progressive future.

The Conservatives' Big Society is an attempt to move in on ground vacated by New Labour, but a good society requires more than rhetoric about volunteering.

What has happened to women's hopes for peace in Northern Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Israel-Palestine?

The political song movement is alive and well in Britain

Fraser MacDonald and Andy Cumbers revisit Gordon Brown's classic socialist text, The Red Paper on Scotland.

Francisco Dom'nguez charts the progress of the Bolivarian revolution.

Modernisation or Marketisation