Soundings offers committed, informed and thoughtful writing on a wide range of contemporary political and cultural debates. Founded twenty years ago by Stuart HallDoreen Massey and Michael Rustin, its current editor is Sally Davison.

‘Willing to ask the biggest questions, but always rooted in the here and now: it’s a vital link between the tradition of progressive thought in Britain and the futures which all of us are working for’. Jeremy Gilbert

‘That rare forum which brings together critical thought and transformative action – always in informed and stimulating ways.’ Priya Gopal

‘…nourishes public intellectual space – without it our public culture would be diminished.’ Tariq Modood

New Formations

New Formations is recognised internationally for its cutting edge analysis of contemporary culture and politics.

Articles in this peer-reviewed journal bring innovative and interdisciplinary perspectives to diverse and pressing areas of contemporary scholarship. The core intellectual remit of the journal is to publish original work that explores the uses of cultural theory for the analysis of political and social issues.

‘For increasingly rare and very welcome undisciplinary theorising about the contemporary predicament, reach for New Formations.’ Ien Ang


Renewal is a quarterly journal of politics and ideas, committed to exploring and expanding the emancipatory potential of social democracy, which has always been a complex and contested political tradition. Renewal offers a space in which its historic purposes – the expansion of equality, democratic governance, and social freedoms – can be debated, advanced and applied to contemporary politics.

Renewal has consistently contributed to the remaking and revitalisation of the centre-left. That is why it is essential reading for those who want to chart a future for progressive politics.’ Ed Miliband MP

Socialist History

Socialist History features articles, book reviews, debates and correspondence on all aspects of socialist cultural and political history. Each issue is organised around a particular theme. Previous themes include: reform communism, fascism, biography and identity, gender and sexuality, origins of the French Revolution.

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Twentieth Century Communism

Twentieth Century Communism provides an international forum for the latest research on the history and theory of Communism across the globe. It forms an entry point into key developments and debates, many of which are not otherwise accessible to English-language historians.

The spectre of communism no longer haunts Europe, but we still need to understand its history without fighting old battles or waging new ones. Twentieth Century Communism provides an excellent platform for the post-communist history of communism.’ Donald Sassoon

Twentieth Century Communism has quickly become an indispensable forum for those interested in communist history. It is fresh, lively, wide-ranging refreshingly free of polemics.Stuart Macintyre

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Anarchist Studies

Anarchist Studies is an inter- and multi-disciplinary journal of anarchism research, which has been publishing novel, refreshing and provocative arguments for over twenty years. The journal publishes original research on the history, culture, theory and practice of anarchism, as well as reviews of recent work published in the field.

‘There has been a remarkable surge of interest in anarchist thought and practice in recent years. Anarchist Studies has played an important part in this revival with serious and constructive inquiries into anarchism’s historical experience and animating ideas, and valuable contributions to enriching and deepening them’.
Noam Chomsky

‘Anarchism has once again exploded across our political horizons. The emergence of new autonomous movements of resistance to capitalism and state power – such as the Global Justice Movement and, more recently, student protests, the Arab Spring and Occupy – demands a renewed focus on anarchism as the political tradition they most closely resemble and evoke. Anarchist Studies provides a platform for engagement with anarchism in the academy, publishing research and writing on anarchist theory, history, culture and politics. Countless new ideas have appeared on these topics, stimulating lively debates about the meaning and relevance of anarchism today’. Saul Newman.


For over 60 years FORUM: for comprehensive education has been the pre-eminent focal point for topical and informed analysis – very often highly forthright and critical – of all aspects of United Kingdom government policy as it influences the education of children from primary through to higher education.

FORUM vigorously campaigns for the universal provision of state-provided education, and seeks to identify and expose all attempts to overturn the gains of the past years. Every teacher, headteacher, administrator, parent, or governor should read this exciting publication.

Access to the full text of articles published within the last 3 years is available only to those who have a personal subscription or whose institution has a Library subscription. However, all articles become completely free-access 3 years after first publication.