Kevin Morgan

Kevin Morgan

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Kevin Morgan teaches politics and contemporary history at the University of Manchester and writes on the history of the British and European left.  A central theme in his work is that of the wider influence – social, political, cultural – of soviet communism, and the three volumes of his Bolshevism and the British Left represent the culmination of a project dating over a period of some twenty years.

Kevin has also published biographies of Harry Pollitt (Ben Pimlott called it one of the best labour movement biographies he had ever read) and Ramsay MacDonald, as well as contributing to the Dictionary of Labour Biography and Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. As lead researcher on the CPGB Biographical Project (1999-2001) he recorded over seventy interviews with former communist activists, now deposited in the National Sound Archive, and was principal author of Communists in British Society 1920-1991 (with Gidon Cohen and Andrew Flinn, 2006).

Kevin is also a former editor of Socialist History, a founding editor of Twentieth Century Communism, co-editor of five collections of essays and a trustee of the Working Class Movement Library and the CPGB Archives Trust. His articles have appeared in journals like Past and Present, International Review of Social History, Social History and History of Political Thought, and he has also had writings translated into French, German, Finnish and Hungarian.

He is currently working on an AHRC-funded project on communist leader cults which will include a critical edition of the classic exemplary life, Harry Pollitt’s Serving My Time.


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