70: Telling political stories



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: January 11, 2018

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‘1968’ and the politics of memory (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Phil Cohen

Antisemitism, anti-racism and the Labour Party (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Richard Kuper, Brendan McGeever, Lynne Segal, Nira Yuval-Davis, Jamie Hakim, Ben Little

Narratives of sustainability: a lesson from Indonesia (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Bernice Maxton-Lee

Dependence (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Sarah Benton

Why Churchill still matters: the power of the past and the postponement of the future (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Gerry Hassan

London’s nocturnal queer geographies (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Ben Campkin, Laura Marshall

Death by a thousand cuts: the story of privatising public education in the USA (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Joanne Barkan

Two poems (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Jennifer Lee Tsai

Reviews (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

David Featherstone, Daryl Leeworthy

Mind the gap: the neoliberal assault on further, adult and vocational education (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Norman Lucas

The future of mental health services: the organising challenge ahead (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Elizabeth Cotton

Survival Surgery (Soundings 70, Autumn 2018)

Elizabeth Cotton

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