75: System change



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: September 1, 2020

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Editorial: Challenging the structures of racism (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Sally Davison, Deborah Grayson, Kirsten Forkert

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Notes from lockdown (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Georgie Wemyss & Nira Yuval-Davis, Hannah Hamad, Joy White, Karen Patel, Deborah Grayson, Alister Wedderburn

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A beta bailout: the near future of state intervention (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Craig Berry, Daniel Bailey, Katy Jones

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Policing Black sound: performing UK Grime and Rap music under routinised surveillance (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Cheraine Donalea Scott

Good times for a change? Ireland since the general election (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Colin Coulter, John Reynolds

Is shifting to US-style deregulation the inevitable consequence of Brexit? (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Nick Dearden

Centripetal force: a totalitarian movement in contemporary Brazil (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Gabriel Feltran

The new moving right show (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Andy Knott

Class and nation in the age of populism: The forward march of labour restarted? (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Alvaro de Miranda

Gender, race, class, ecology and peace (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Vron Ware talks to Jo Littler

Conversations with Stuart Hall: unravelling and resistance (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Jack Shenker

Reviews (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

John Clarke, Sally Davison

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World makers of the Black Atlantic (Soundings 75, Summer 2020)

Adom Getachew talks to Ashish Ghadiali

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