AS Volume 17 No. 2



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Format: Single issue (print)

Publication date: December 1, 2009

More from Anarchist Studies

Guest editorial: Paul Chambers and Notty LaPorte


The syndicalist encounter with Bolshevism
Reiner Tosstorff (translated by Norry LaPorte)

Syndicalism and the influence of anarchism in France, Italy and Spain
Ralph Darlington

Herald of the future? Emma Goldman, Friedrich Nietzsche and the anarchist as superman
Kevin Morgan

The ‘Herodotus of the CNT’: Jose Peirats and La CNT en la revolucion espanola
Chris Ealha


Searching for an anarchist sociology
Dana Williams

Anarchist theory and the pitfalls of the reductio ad politicum
Nathan Jun


Chris Carlsson, Nowtopia: How pirate programmers, outlaw bicyclists and vacant lot gardeners are inventing the future today!
Reviewed by Lucy Sargisson

Stuart Christie, We, the Anarchists! A Study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 1927-1937
Reviewed by Richard Cleminson

V.V. Damye, A Forgotten International: The International Anarcho-Syndicalist Movement Between the Wars – Volumes 1 and 2
Reviewed by Dmitri I. Roublev (transl Julia Goussev)

Felix Feneon, Novels in Three Lines
Reviewed by Judy Greenway

Keith Flett (ed.), 1956 and All That
Reviewed by David Goodway

Wayne Price, The Abolition of the State: Anarchist and Marxist Perspectives
Reviewed by Saku Pinta

Mastaneh Shah-Shuja, Zones of Proletarian Development
Reviewed by John Cromby

Nicolas Walter (ed. David Goodway), The Anarchist Past and Other Essays
Reviewed by Keith Hodgson

Damian F. White, Bookchin: A Critical Appraisal
Reviewed by Saku Pinta