Anarchist Studies Volume 29 No.1



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Publication date: March 16, 2021

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About this issue’s cover: Timothy Hyman: Anarchism and the ‘Ideal Picture’ (Anarchist Studies 29.1, Spring 2021)

Allan Antliff

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Orwell as Public Intellectual: Anarchism, Communism and the New Left (Anarchist Studies 29.1, Spring 2021)

Nick Stevenson

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André Prudhommeaux, Algeria and National Liberation

David Lewis Porter

Concept and Practice of Effectiveness in Autonomism: from Autonomia and Autonomen to Contemporary Movements

Tomas Marcinkevicius

Art Against the Nation: the Relationship Between the Anarchist Movement and Italian Nationalism in the Artwork ‘I funerali dell’anarchico Pinelli’ by Enrico Baj (1972)

Federico Pozzoni

Evil Institutions: Steven Bartlett’s Analysis of Human Evil and its Relevance for Anarchist Alternatives

Brian Martin

REVIEW ARTICLE: Three Anthologies on the Russian Revolution

Robert Graham


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