AS Volume 22 No. 1



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: January 5, 2014

About this issue's cover (Anarchist Studies 22.1, Spring 2014)

Allan Antliff

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Socialism and Strategy: A Libertarian Critique of Leninism (Anarchist Studies 21.1, Spring 2014)

Tony Zurbrugg

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Guest Editorial: In The Beginning
John Zerzan

Proudhon and the Labour Theory of Property
Derek Ryan Strong

Sages and movements: An incomplete Peter Kropotkin bibliographyÂ
Iain McKay


The Anthropology of Anarchist SolidarityÂ
Brian Morris


Manuel Devaldès, Contes d’un rebelle
Reviewed by Vittorio Frigerio, The Housing Monster
Reviewed by Chuck Morse

Alex Prichard, Ruth Kinna, Saku Pinta and David Berry (eds), Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red
Reviewed by Iain Mackay

Laura Portwood-Stacer, Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism
Reviewed by Jim Donaghey

Paul McLaughlin, Radicalism: A Philosophical Study
Reviewed by Robert Graham

Peter Ryley, Making Another World Possible: Anarchism, Anti-Capitalism and Ecology in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Britain
Reviewed by Thomas Martin

Farquhar McHarg, Pistoleros! The Chronicles of Farquhar McHarg
Reviewed by Pedro García-Guirao

James C. Scott, Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play
Reviwed by Diogo Duarte

Alex Prichard, Justice, Order and Anarchy. The International Political Theory of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Reviewed by Lucian M. Ashworth

Zaheer Kazmi, Polite Anarchy in International Relations
Reviewed by Alex Prichard

Franklin Rosemont and David Roediger (eds), Haymarket Scrapbook
Reviewed by Ron Mendel

Abel Paz, The Story of the Iron Column: Militant Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War
Reviewed by Saku Pinta

Joyce L. Kornbluh (ed.), Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology
Reviewed by Saku Pinta

Jason Royce Lindsey, The Concealment of the State
Reviewed by Sotirios Frantzanas

Robert Ogman, Against the Nation: Anti-National Politics in Germany
Reviewed by Uri Gordon