AS Volume 24 No. 2



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Publication date: January 12, 2016

About this issue's cover (Anarchist Studies 24.2, Winter 2016)

Allan Antliff

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The Politics of the Crowbar: Squatting in London, 1968-1977 (Anarchist Studies 24.2, Winter 2016)

Rowan Tallis Milligan

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Sovereign Indifference: Jünger’s Anarch and the Appeal of the Small (Anarchist Studies 24.2, Winter 2016)

James Farrugia

Giovanni Rossi and his Anarchist Utopia in nineteenth century Brazil (Anarchist Studies 24.2, Winter 2016)

José Antonio Vasconcelos

Bakunin and the Entheogenic Challenge to Atheism (Anarchist Studies , Winter 2016)

As fossil fuelled capitalism drags global civilisation towards the strange attractor of ecological implosion, can we get any help from outside (what the secular main-stream in the west generally recognises as), the human social field? This paper makes the case for the pedagogical potential of the naturally-occurring psycho-active ‘entheogens’, that is, substances which, taken sacramentally, are held to ‘engender the divine within’.

Bastards of Utopia (Anarchist Studies , Winter 2016)

Reviews (Anarchist Studies , Winter 2016)

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