AS Volume 25 No. 1



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: January 3, 2017

About this issue's cover (Anarchist Studies 25.1, Autumn 2017)

Allan Antliff

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Proudhon’s Constituted Value and the Myth of Labour Notes (Anarchist Studies 25.1, Spring 2017)

Iain McKay

Alternatives to Representative Democracy and Capitalist Market Organisation: The Wintukua, Guardians of the Earth (Anarchist Studies 25.1, Spring 2017)

Bernd Reiter

Reviews (Anarchist Studies 25.1, Spring 2017)

Janet Biehl, Ecology or Catastrophe: The Life of Murray Bookchin - Book Review (Anarchist Studies 25.1, Spring 2017)

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