Anarchist Studies Volume 28 No.2



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Publication date: January 9, 2020

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About this issue’s cover: Trans Anarchist, Ecowarrior, Political Prisoner, Artist (Anarchist Studies 2, Autumn 2020)

Allan Antliff

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Introduction: Indigeneity and Latin American Anarchism (Anarchist Studies 2, Autumn 2020)

Geoffroy de Laforcade and Steven J. Hirsch

Indigeneity, Gender, and Resistance: Critique and Contemporaneity of Bolivian Anarchism in the Historical Imagination of Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui (Anarchist Studies 2, Autumn 2020)

Geoffroy de Laforcade

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Anarchists and ‘the Indian Problem’ in Peru, 1898-1927 (Anarchist Studies 2, Autumn 2020)

Steven J. Hirsch

Anarchism and the Indigenous Peoples of Guatemala: A Tenuous Relation (Anarchist Studies 2, Autumn 2020)

Omar Lucas Monteflores
Translated by Geoffroy de Laforcade

REVIEWS (Anarchist Studies 2, Autumn 2020)

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