Feminising our revolutions (Soundings 71, Spring 2019)



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Publication date: April 1, 2019

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Sara C. Motta

This article offers an initial mapping of some of the multiple feminist/feminised movements emerging across Latin America. It puts into dialogue and brings together some of the more newly visible feminist movements, including Ni Una Menos in Argentina and decolonial/Black and Indigenous feminist struggles across the continent, focusing here particularly on groups in Colombia. Arguably, these movements are together developing a new politics against the violence of the state and business interests, and for the visibility and autonomy of women. One tactic adopted by Ni Una Menos is the Women’s Strike, which not only recuperates the strike as a tactic of resistance but also reimagines the nature of the strike through also focusing on invisible and undervalued labour in the domestic sphere, social reproduction, and the labours of care carried out by informal migrants.

DOI: 10.3898/SOUN.71.01.2019More from Soundings