FORUM Volume 23 No. 3



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Standards at Risk

Education Cuts – economic consequences
Colin Jackson.

Salt in the Cuts
Annabelle Dixon.

Class Size and Standards
Michael Clarke.

Cuts and Science Education
Ted Wheatley.

Community Education at Risk
Gordon Dryden & Peter Thomson.

Birth of a Tertiary System
John Anderson.


Tertiary Debate

Partisan Research

MSC Rescues Under-fives
Jill Webberley.

The ILEA and Cuts Elsewhere
Nanette Whitbread.

Falling Rolls in Secondary Schools
Harvey Wyatt.

Research on Comprehensive Schools
Harvey Goldstein.

Back to Basics versus Freedom of Choice
Joan Shapiro.

Sex Role Stereotyping and Ladybird Books
David Whiting.


Something Wrong

A Model Defense

Once Upon a Time

Radical Nostalgia