FORUM Volume 27 No. 1



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The Democratic Control of Education

To Whom do Schools Belong?
Brian Simon.

Parent Power and Selection in Solihull
Michael Richer.

Community Education in Croxteth
Phil Carspecken & Henry Miller.

Community Involvement: the last chance for partnership
John Rennie.

Democracy in Schools
Ned Newitt.

The New Governing Bodies
Richard Pring.

Students into Governors: when and how?
John Bull.

Making Student Councils Work
David Herd.

Setting up a Student Council
Marcus Collins.

Pupil Observers in One London Primary School
Ray Pinder.

Stewart C. Mason: a tribute
Andrew Fairbairn.

Talking on….
Maureen Hardy.


A Radical Critique

Schools and Community

Even an Actress

Management Styles

Examinations and Social Control

Close Observation