FORUM Volume 33 No. 2



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Into the 1990s: the state system under attack

Grant-maintained Schools: a third force in education?
John Fitz, David Halpin & Sally Power.

Magnet Schools: not so attractive after all?
Anthony Green.

Initial Teacher Education and the New Right
Geoff Troman.

Prospecting Fools’ Gold: ‘auditing’ the curriculum
Don Salter.

The Characteristics of a Good Learning Environment in Schools
Mick Norton.

Religious Education and Social Policy: an alternative vision
David Tombs.

Primary Geography: a pink curriculum?
Annabelle Dixon.

Geography at the Secondary Level
John Hopkin.

Poverty and Education
Cecilio Mar Molinero.

Discussion. The Public Price of Private Education and Privatization
Hywel Thomas.


Education and Training: a way forward?

A Horror Story?

Assisting a Minority

The 1988 Act Re-visited

Communication Skills