FORUM Volume 34 No. 1



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FORUM 100: the past, the present and the future

FORUM: the past and the future
Brian Simon.

Birth of a Comprehensive School
Margaret Miles.

Farewell Paideia, See You One Day
Pat Daunt.

The Case for a National System Locally Administered
Josie Farrington.

Alternative Currents
Richard Noss & Harvey Goldstein.

Losers in the Market Place: children under five
Mary Jane Drummond.

Which Way Forward for the Primary School Curriculum?
Kevin Brehony.

Quo Vadimus? National Prescription or Entitlement Curriculum
David Armstrong.

Constructing a Curriculum for Equality
Adam Newman-Turner.

The White Paper on Education and Training: the rhetoric and the reality
Andy Green.

Keeping Manor Local: an anti-opt out view
Elaine King.


An Optimistic Collection

Independent Working-class Education

Equal Opportunities

England’s Backwardness