FORUM Volume 42 No. 2



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Persons, Performance, Privatisation …
Annabelle Dixon

The Person-Centred School
Michael Fielding

Tim McMullen: comprehensive pioneer
Brian Simon

‘Learning Space’: enhancing the educational care of children
Gill North

Embracing Diversity: learning and teaching for active citizenship
Jacqui Turnbull & Elizabeth Muir

Battling Through the System: a working-class teacher in an inner-city primary school
Elizabeth Burn

In the Direction of Children
Patrick Yarker In the Service of Politics: the elision of English

Tony Brown

An Unlooked-for Effect of KS2 SATS on the Teachings of Science in Year 6
Elizabeth Yurd

Toying with Infancy
Dolores Loughrey

The Funding Farce
Chris Tipple

The Third Way for Education: privatisation and marketisation
Dexter Whitfield

Making History Teachers
Ruth Watts