FORUM Volume 6 No. 2



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: June 1, 1963

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Robbins, Newsom and Plowden

The Newsom Report: review and comment
Joan A.M. Davis.

The Newsom Report: reflections and suggestions
Nanette Whitbread.

Teaching Machines: an interim assessment
Kenneth Austwick.

Experimental Work with Teaching Machines
J.F. Leedham.

G.V. Pape, S.G. Irving, A.D.S. Caldwell & G. Price.

Types of Teaching Machines
Richard Goodman.

Teaching Machines: some criticisms and reflections
Eric Linfield.

Threat to the Foundation of British Education
D.E.M. Gardner.

From FORUM to Plowden
George Freeland, Edward Harvey & Norman T. Morris.

Team Teaching
Hugh Cunningham.

Book Reviews