In Progress Internationally: student voice work in four countries (FORUM 1)



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Publication date: March 1, 2014


The late Jean Rudduck led the most extensive and sustained programme of Student Voice work in the United Kingdom to date through the Economic and Social Research Council project ‘Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning’. She continues to inspire discussion around Student Voice and its transformational possibilities, bequeathing also a specific legacy, executed by John Grey, to support a a visiting fellow, Alison Cook-Sather, at Homerton College, Cambridge. In June 2013 the third of four seminars was held entitled ‘Linking across the Lines: works in progress’, hosted by Alison, John Gray and Julia Flutter. It was an exploration of cross-context and cross-level projects from ‘differently positioned participants’ in education (Cook-Sather, 2013), including students, teachers, researchers and policy makers, all committed to the development of relationships highlighted in Michael Fielding’s special issue of FORUM on Student Voice (2001).

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