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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: August 1, 2020

Editorial (New Formations 100-101, )

Jeremy Gilbert

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Automated Neoliberalism? The Digital Organisation of Markets in Technoscientific Capitalism (New Formations 100-101, )

Kean Birch

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The corporatisation of education: Bureaucracy, boredom, and transformative possibilities (New Formations 100-101, )

Millicent Churcher, Debra Talbot

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The Expansion of Prevent: On the Politics of Legibility, Opacity and Decolonial Critique (New Formations 100-101, )

Justin Cruickshank

Neoliberal capitalism’s bureaucracies of ‘governance’ (New Formations 100-101, )

Oliver Davis

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The Bureaucratic Vocation: State / Office / Ethics (New Formations 100-101, )

Paul du Gay

Towards a Bureaucracy of the Body (New Formations 100-101, )

Mark Featherstone

Hayek Shrugged: Why Bureaucracy Didn’t Die Under Neoliberalism But Boomed Instead (New Formations 100-101, )

Peter Fleming

Bright Grey: The Political Dialectic of Bureaucratic Boredom (New Formations 100-101, )

Nicholas Holm

Living with ambivalence: bureaucracy, antistatism and ‘progressive’ politics (New Formations 100-101, )

Janet Newman

Bureaucracy as Politics in Action in Parks and Recreation (New Formations 100-101, )

Holly Randell-Moon, Arthur J. Randell

The Paradox of Neoliberal Education Bureaucracy and Hysterical Resistance: The Case of New Zealand Schooling (New Formations 100-101, )

Leon Salter

The Bureaucratic Making of Disability (New Formations 100-101, )

Tanya Titchkosky

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Reviews (New Formations 100, 101, )

Ekin Erkan, Bethan Michael-Fox

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