New Formations 87: Austerity



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: May 1, 2016

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Introduction: The future of austerity (New Formations 87, )

Rebecca Bramall

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Austere creativity and volunteer-run public services: the case of Lewisham’s Libraries (New Formations 87, )

Kirsten Forkert

Tax justice in austerity: logics, residues and attachments (New Formations 87, )

Rebecca Bramall

Race, debt and the welfare state (New Formations 87, )

Ben Pitcher

Digital Debt Management: The Everyday Life of Austerity (New Formations 87, )

Liam Stanley, Joe Deville, Johnna Montgomerie

Austerity futures: debt, temporality and (hopeful) pessimism as an austerity mood (New Formations 87, )

Rebecca Coleman

Living and feeling the austere (New Formations 87, )

Esther Hitchen

Reviews (New Formations 87, )

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