New Formations 98: Automation Anxiety



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: January 1, 2020

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Editorial (New Formations 98, )

Ben Roberts, Patrick Crogan

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Automation Now and Then: Automation Fevers, Anxieties and Utopias (New Formations 98, )

Ben Roberts, Caroline Bassett

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Automation Anxieties and Infrastructural Technologies (New Formations 98, )

Andrew Goffey

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Bernard Stiegler on Algorithmic Governmentality: A New Regimen of Truth? (New Formations 98, )

Patrick Crogan

Making Automation Explicable: A Challenge for Philosophy of Technology (New Formations 98, )

Dominic Smith

Distraction Machines? Augmentation, Automation and Attention in a Computational Age (New Formations 98, )

M. Beatrice Fazi

Automatic Endo-Attention, Creative Exo-Attention: the Egocidal and Ecocidal Logic of Neoliberal Capitalism (New Formations 98, )

Yves Citton

Automations, Technological and Nervous: Addiction Epidemics from Athens to Fake News (New Formations 98, )

Gerald Moore

Predictive Policing Management: A Brief History of Patrol Automation (New Formations 98, )

Dean Wilson

Nomic Sound (New Formations 98, )

Cormac Deane

Reviews (New Formations 98, )

Clare Birchall, Jack Boulton, Joni Meenagh, Danielle Sands

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Booknotes (New Formations 98, )

Oliver Haslam , Demi Wilton

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