New Formations 99: Cultures of Compensation



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: April 1, 2020

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Editorial (New Formations 99, )

Jeremy Gilbert

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Agnes Heller and Biopolitics (New Formations 99, )

David Bennett, Carolyn D’Cruz, Glenn D’Cruz, Julia Vassilieva

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On Capital’s Watch: Derivative Ecology and the Temporal Logic of Biodiversity Credits (New Formations 99, )

Josh Bowsher, Theo Reeves-Evison

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Dispossessed Prosumption, Crowdsourcing and the Digital Regime of Work (New Formations 99, )

Nancy Ettlinger

Compensatory Cultures: post-2008 Climate Mechanisms for Crisis Times (New Formations 99, )

Ella Harris

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What is this ‘Black’ in Black Studies?: From Black British Cultural Studies to Black Critical Thought in U.K. Arts and Higher Education (New Formations 99, )

Dhanveer Singh Brar, Ashwani Sharma

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The Consolation of Profit (New Formations 99, )

Michael Symons, Marion Maddox

Reviews and Booknote (New Formations 99, )

Shahidha Bari , Jacob McGuinn , Elliot Ross, Claire Finch

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