New Formations New Formations Special: LGBT History Month



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: December 27, 999

Being gay: politics, identity, pleasure (New Formations 9, Winter 1989)

Joseph Bristow

The lesbian outlaw (New Formations 32, Autumn 1997)

Sally Munt

Queer cosmopolitanism: place, politics, citizenship and Queer as Folk (New Formations 55, Spring 2005)

David Alderson

Acting Straight: Reality TV, Gender Self-Consciousness and Forms of Capital (New Formations 83, )

David Alderson

Brand Intimacy, Female Friendship and Digital Surveillance Networks (New Formations 84/85, Winter 2014 / Summer 2015)

Alison Winch

The paradox of Fallon’s fight: interlocking discourses of sexism and cissexism in mixed martial arts fighting (New Formations 86, Autumn 2015)

Jennifer McClearen

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