Perspectives on Rosa Luxemburg 2 (New Formations 94, Autumn 2018)

Author: Benita Parry



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Format: Article

Publication date: October 1, 2018

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Benita Parry

In this exchange, Benita Parry reinstates the significance of Luxemburg as a Marxist thinker and activist,  whose kind of political commitment cannot be detached from the revolutionary tradition of socialism. Parry’s  compelling reflections address Luxemburg’s relevance to defining vital questions in Marxism, especially  the centrality of class struggle, the Party, spontaneity, imperialism, combined and uneven development, and  the accumulation of capital in a neoliberal age. Parry shows how Luxemburg’s vision is necessarily a systemic, dialectical and materialist one, in a way that could inspire current generations to keep the  socialist tradition alive. In the concluding sections, Parry also explores the significance of Luxemburg to rethinking postcolonial studies and the Jewish question today.

DOI : 10.3898/NEWF:94.04.2018: