Renewal Volume 23 No. 4



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: December 1, 2015

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Labour’s ideology: towards common ground (Renewal 23.4, Winter 2015)

Ben Jackson

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Bring back the Institute for Workers’ Control (Renewal 23.4, Winter 2015)

Joe Guinan

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Mondragon in five points (Renewal 23.4, Winter 2015)

Thomas Ferretti

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Labour and the pursuit of democracy (Renewal , Autumn 2015)

The limits of Labour’s experiments with deliberative
democracy in Britain and Australia.

Socialism through the lens of Alasdair MacIntyre (Renewal , Autumn 2015)

Vulnerability and dependence were central to Labour’s understanding of socialism after 1945.

Corbyn, Sanders, and a transatlantic left (Renewal , Autumn 2015)

What would constitute a realistic measure of success
for the new insurgent left in Britain and the United

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