Renewal Volume 24 No. 2



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: June 1, 2016

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Editorial: Party, place and politics (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, James Stafford

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Anti-politics and the left (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Nick Clarke, Will Jennings, Jonathan Moss, Gerry Stoker

Responses to 'Anti-Politics and the left' (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Gavin Shuker, Oliver Escobar, Andrew Gamble

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The new partisanship (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Jonathan White, Lea Ypi

Momentum: a new kind of politics (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Adam Klug, Emma Rees, James Schneider

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Hard left, soft left: Corbynism and beyond (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Paul Thompson

Community wealth building: America’s emerging asset-based approach to city economic development (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Marjorie Kelly, Sarah McKinley, Violeta Duncan

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The road to socialist is the A59: The Preston model (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Martin O’Neill, Matthew Brown

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Place-based health: why local accountability would lead to better quality and outcomes (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Jessica Studdert

Shaping a new deal for coastal communities (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Fernanda Balata

Interview: On being a public intellectual, a Muslim and a multiculturalist (Renewal 2, Summer 2016)

Tariq Modood, Simon Thompson

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