Renewal Volume 24 No. 3



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Format: Single issue (print)

Publication date: September 1, 2016

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Morality and left-wing politics: a case study of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Bill Blackwater

Movement politics, the electoral machine, and the ‘masses’: lessons from the early Labour Party (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Jon Lawrence

Speaking to England (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Tom Barker

Universal Credit, Ideology and the Politics of Poverty (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

George Morris

Feminist Resistance (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Elizabeth Evans

The present crisis and the questions we must ask (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Alan Finlayson

What is economic trust in politics? (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Jonathon Ashworth, Josh Simons

A new politics? The challenges of multi-speed party membership (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Jessica Garland

Review of The Blair Supremacy: A study in the politics of Labour’s party management, by Lewis Minkin (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Eric Shaw

Silencing the critics: charities, lobbyists, and the government’s quiet war on dissent (Renewal 3, Autumn 2016)

Phil Parvin