Renewal Volume 25 No. 1



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Format: Single issue (print)

Publication date: March 1, 2017

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French Socialism in crisis: The undoing of Hollande’s ‘anti-austerity’ programme (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

Sean McDaniel

On taking (back) control: lessons from Community Action in 1970s Britain (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

David Ellis

Populism and grassroots politics: ‘New Left’ critiques of social democracy, 1968-1994 (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

Alex Campsie

The NHS: not back to Era 1 but forward to Era 3 – policy challenges for Labour (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

Steve Iliffe, Richard Bourne

Owen Smith and Blue Labour’s Republicanism (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

Lewis Coyne

Polanyi against the whirlwind (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

Joe Guinan, Thomas M. Hanna

Syria: A Betrayal of Labour’s Internationalism and Solidarity (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

George Morris, Yasmine Nahlawi

The European left after Brexit (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

Marina Prentoulis, Lilia Guigni, Ania Skrzypek, Katrine Marçal, Renaud Thillaye, Barry Colfer, Folke große Deters

Who’s ‘Normal’? Class, Culture and Labour Politics in a Fragmented Britain (Renewal 1, Spring 2017)

Ewan Gibbs