Renewal Volume 26 No. 2



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Format: Single issue (print)

Publication date: July 1, 2018

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Editorial: The institutional turn: Labour’s new political economy (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Joe Guinan, Martin O'Neill

The return of public ownership (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Thomas M. Hanna

Greening the UK’s economic model (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Dan Bailey, Martin Craig

‘The everyday economy’ and the next economic settlement (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Daniel Chandler

Beyond extraction: The political power of community wealth building (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Martin O'Neill, Ted Howard

Spectacle, places and political change: 1968 and now (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Alex Campsie

Response: Labour and the varieties of feminism (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Monique Charles, Natalie Thomlinson

Brexit and the loss of meaning – impressions from Great Yarmouth (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Janosch Prinz

Healthcare on the brink? Assessing the crisis in General Practice (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

Steve Iliffe

The not-so-neoliberal university (Renewal 2, Summer 2018)

James Freeman