Renewal Volume 26 No.3



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: September 1, 2018

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Editorial: Can Labour break free? (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

Anthony Painter

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Street-level climate politics (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

John Burke, Mika Minio-Paluello

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‘No jobs on a dead planet’: Energy democracy, public ownership, and union opposition to mega-energy projects (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

This essay explores the provenance and potential of 'energy democracy', centred on the challenge posed by energy democracy to older varieties of ‘jobs-first’ trade-unionism.

Rebuilding our institutions: Social security for the future (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

Rachel Reeves, Nick Garland

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Public ownership: Two responses (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

Satoko Kishimoto, Cat Hobbs

Political economy and the need for a moral critique of capitalism (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

Jon Cruddas

Big politics, big organising, and internationalism: How the left can win (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

Emma Rees, Adam Klug

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The Cosmopolitan Rejoinder: Professor Mary Kaldor in conversation with James Stafford and George Morris (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

Mary Kaldor, James Stafford, George Morris

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Turning against China (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

Andrew Small

Prevent, Muslim identity, and the normalisation of neoliberalism (Renewal 3, Autumn 2018)

Antonio Perra

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