Renewal Volume 27 No.3



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: September 1, 2019

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Editorial: The unspoken dilemmas of Corbynomics (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

Colm Murphy

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Realignment on the right? (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

Alan Finlayson, Lea Ypi

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Labour and England, 1997-2010 (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

John Denham

People-powered democracy? (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

Alexandra Runswick

Actually existing Corbynism (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

Lewis Bassett

Labour women and local activism: gender and the foundation of the Labour Party (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

Ruth Davidson

The institution’s not for turning? Inequality, taxes and anticapitalism (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

Liam Kennedy

Interview: Power in the firm (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

Elizabeth Anderson, Daniel Chandler

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The left and the case for ‘progressive reglobalisation’ (Renewal 27.3, Autumn 2019)

Matthew Bishop, Tony Payne

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