Renewal Volume 27 No.4



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: December 1, 2019

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Editorial: If the tide goes out (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, James Stafford

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The international institutional turn: the missing ingredient in Labour’s new political economy (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

David Adler

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Why Labour must be the party of migration justice (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Nathan Akehurst

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Nationalism, the mob and left dreams (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Malcolm James, Sivamohan Valluvan

Interview: Deliberative democracy and the devolution of power in Camden (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Georgia Gould, Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

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The unexpected return of alienation: job dissatisfaction, ‘burnout’ and work estrangement in the NHS (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Steve Iliffe, Jill Manthorpe

Inclusive Ownership Funds: a transatlantic agenda for transformative change (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Mathew Lawrence

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Democratic employee ownership and challenging the ideology of ‘shareholder value’ (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Lenore Palladino

Pitfalls and promises for workplace democracy (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Michael A. McCarthy

Inclusive Ownership Funds: a trade union perspective (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Janet Williamson

Public ownership and the socialisation of production in the German Revolution of 1918-19 (Renewal 4, Winter 2019)

Nicholas Vrousalis

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