Renewal Volume 28 No.2



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: July 1, 2020

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Guest editorial: Shaping the 'new normal' (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Dan Bailey

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The NHS takes control: consequences for health policy in England (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Steve Iliffe

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Power and the pandemic: civil liberties in the age of coronavirus (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Alexandra Runswick

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Time for basic income? (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Peter Sloman

'Nature is healing': the politics of enchantment (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Cathy Elliott

Covid-19, the foundational economy and 'rooted firms' (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Will Brett

Not the end of ideology (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

Lockdown Labour: lessons from mutual aid activism (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Mark Perryman

The politics of climate crisis (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Alyssa Battistoni, George Morris

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Labour’s rural problem (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

David Drew, Richard Jobson

The fragile society (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Lyn Brown

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Boris Johnson, Thatcherism and the rhetoric of 'wealth creators' (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Felix Römer

'Redlining' the British city (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

Sam Wetherell

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Roads not travelled: Piketty’s history of inequality (Renewal 2, Summer 2020)

David Cowan

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