Renewal Volume 28 No.3



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Format: Single issue (print)

Publication date: October 1, 2020

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Editorial: Defending, restoring, transforming (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Emily Robinson and Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

The NHS – from stalled bureaucracy to ‘Era 3’ (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Steve Iliffe and Richard Bourne

Accidents will happen? Lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Foundational Economy Collective

Making pandemic politics transparent: lessons from Nigeria (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Portia Roelofs

Liberal egalitarianism: what’s worth salvaging? (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Katrina Forrester interviewed by Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

Vernacular social democracy and the politics of Labour (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Jon Lawrence

Raymond Aron and the contested legacy of ‘Cold War Liberalism’ (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Iain Stewart

The fascist virus is back again (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Hannah Malone

Social democracy, party of values (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Sebastian Jobelius and Konstantin Vössing

Labour Together’s election review (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Hannah O’Rourke

Election 2019 and the newer left (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Jonny Ball

On urbanism and optimism (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Guy Ortolano interviewed by Alex Campsie

Looking for a fight (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Nick Garland

A new world in the making: community wealth building and the co-operative sector (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Jonathan Reynolds

Between ‘national liberalism’ and ‘progressive internationalism’: quo vadis globalisation? (Renewal 3, Autumn 2020)

Mehmet Erman Erol