Rethinking public ownership (Soundings 64, Winter 2016)



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Publication date: December 1, 2016

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Andy Cumbers, Ross Beveridge, Matthias Naumann, Lazaros Karaliotas, Angela Last

A roundtable looking at new approaches to public ownership and exploring some of the alternative institutional forms that have been developed in the recent past. Contributors argue for a break with the hierarchical and managerial approaches that blighted previous forms of state ownership. The alternative forms they look at include remunicipalisation initiatives in Germany, especially in Berlin, and initiatives across the world in places where existing state forms are not delivering basic necessities such as health care Рas in Greece and Latin America, and with black organisations in the USA. One theme that emerges is that neoliberalism is not invincible, and another is that processes of experimentation can be enriched if they learn from the tensions of past left projects.