Reviews (New Formations 94, Autumn 2018)



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Publication date: October 1, 2018

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Ben Highmore, Andrew Dewdney , David Wylot, Ben ware

Art’s Work
Ben Highmore  

Caroline A. Jones, The Global Work of Art: World’s Fairs, Biennials, and the Aesthetics of Experience, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2016, 331pp, $65

Photography remoulded
Andrew Dewdney 

Joanna Zylinska, Nonhuman Photography, Cambridge MA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 2017, 257pp, £21.55

About to happen
David Wylot

Howard Caygill, Kafka: In Light of the Accident, London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2017, 264pp, £20.

Kitsch theory
Ben Ware

Byung-Chul Han, The Burnout Society, trans. Erik Butler, Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2015, 72pp,  £9.99/$12.99
Byung-Chul Han, Psychopolitics, Neoliberalism and New Technologies of Power, trans. Eric Butler, London, Verso, 2017, 80pp, £9.99/$16.99

DOI: 10.3898/NEWF:94.REV01.2018