Seeking Educational Excellence Everywhere: an exploration into the impact of academisation on alternative education provision in England (FORUM 3)



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Format: Article

Publication date: September 1, 2016


This article presents a policy analysis of the UK Government’s Academies programme and explores the impact that this might have on young people who have become disengaged from the mainstream education system and are thus educated in ‘alternative provision’ (AP) settings. It argues that the academisation proposals curtail some of the ‘freedom to learn’ which is currently experienced by young people in innovative alternative provision environments. These proposals potentially limit access to genuinely individualised, needs-led alternative educational provision in England. The article concludes by arguing that the Government is pursuing a top down reorganisation of AP that has no basis in evidence and that as a result, has silenced and further marginalised young people who are already disengaged from the mainstream education system.

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