Socialist History 56

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Publication date: January 11, 2019

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Not just Peterloo: policing popular protest since 1819

Geoff Brown

Not just Peterloo: The Anti-Apartheid march to the Springbok match, Manchester, 26 November 1969
Geoff Brown

Witness seminar
Not just Peterloo: Remembering the Anti-Apartheid protest against the Springboks, Manchester, 26 November 1969

Radical Municipal Socialism in Madrid, Iowa, 1903-1920
Thomas F. Jorsch

History as a Weapon: Betty Grant and the Local History section of the CPGB Historians’ Group
Andrea Bonfanti

Review article
A Tale of Two or Three Kingdoms: Refuting the Handbook of Not the English Revolution and the modern myth of seventeenth-century Britain

George Yerby