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Format: Single issue (digital)

Editorial: Uncomfortable Times (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin

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Parties on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Stuart Hall

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The Lessons for Labour (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Barbara Castle

Old Fogeys and Angry Young Men: A critique of communitarianism (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Beatrix Campbell argues that communitarianism represents the latest in a long line of attempts by men to reassert their power over women. Its focus on the family as a major source of community problems is a thinly disguised attack on women. And its refusal to investigate the parenting deficit between women and men is symptomatic of its wilful resistance to the insights of feminism.

The Politics of Attachment: Personal and social influences on parenting and adult life (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Lynne Murray

Unravelling Gene Biotechnology (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Mae'Wan Ho

Environmental Images and Imaginary Landscapes (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Lola Young, lngrid Pollard

Mountain Bikes in Them There Hills: Is it about a bicycle? (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Maggie Mort

Containing the car: Returning the streets to people (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Kerry Hamilton, Max Dixon, Graham Smith

Balancing Act: Personal politics and anti-roads campaigning (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Heather Hunt, Doreen Massey

William Cobbett and the Invention of Popular Radical Journalism (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Michael Rustin

Consuming in the Face of Hatred: Lifestyle and the gay advance (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Simon Edge

The echoing corridor: Music in the postmodern East End (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Andrew Blake

Making Spaces: Or, geography, is political too (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Doreen Massey

Interpretations of the New World (Soundings 1, Autumn 1995)

Fred Halliday

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