Soundings 11: Emotional Labour



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Editorial: A Third Way with Teeth (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Michael Rustin

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The Individual is a Minority': The Thin Line Between Universalism and Particularism (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Andreas Hess

Five poems (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Frances Angela, Phil Cohen, Dorothy Nimmo, Frances Wilson, Michael Young

South Asia: Fifty Years After Independence (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

T.V. Sathyamurthy

Conscript: A Story (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Kevin Parry

Gringos, reggae gyals and le francais de la souche recente': Nation, Diaspora and Identity in Football (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Les Back, Tim Crabbe, John Solomos

Reviews (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Christine Clegg, David Goldblatt

Logging Emotions: A Logbook of Personal Reflections (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Pam Smith

Intensive Care: A Photographic Study of Nursing Relationships (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Dympna Casey

New Language, New Labour: Exploring the Politics of Emotions (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Marjorie Mayo

The Theology of Emotion (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Stephen Lloyd Smith

The Immigrant Experience: Affective and Effective Spheres (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Minoo Moallem

Beyond the Wall: Changing Political Cultures of the Informal Sphere (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Prue Chamberlayne

New Mournings?: A photoessay (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Rosy Martin

Student Carers: Learning to Manage Emotions (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Sue Williams

Poem: Miracle on St Davids Day (Soundings 11, Spring 1999)

Gillian Clarke

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