Soundings 12: Transversal Politics



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Space for co-existence? (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Doreen Massey

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Ein ding ist ein thing A (philosophical) platform for a left (European) party (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Bruno Latour

The sharp edge of Stephen's city (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Nick Jeffrey

Poems (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Gregory Warren Wilson, Michael Young, Elizabeth Barrett, Felicity Wyvem, Okello Oculi

The changing debate in Scotland Devolution, home rule and self-government (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Gerry Hassan

Reviews (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Jo Littler, Jude Rosen

What is 'transversal politics'? (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Nira Yuval-Davis

Crossing borders: Comparing ways of handling conflictual differences (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Cynthia Cockburn

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Difficult alliances: Treading the minefield of identity and solidarity politics (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Pragna Patel

Inclusive movements/movements for inclusion (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Marie Mulholland, Pragna Patel

The values of community writing (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Rebecca O'Rourke and Lynette Hunter describe the development of community writing in the UK and look at its relationship to transversal politics

Theatre and reconciliation (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

Gerri Moriarty, Jane Plastow

Sharing stories (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)

MAMA East African Women's Group

The way I live (Soundings 12, Summer 1999)


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