Soundings 14: One Dimensional Politics



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Editorial: Where Are We Now? (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Michael Rustin

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Organising Where it is Needed: First Generation Immigrant Workers in North America (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Laura Dubinsky

What Future for the Past in the New South Africa? (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

David Renton

Mourning the Movement (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Isaac D. Balbus

Anti-Fascist Action: Radical Resistance or Rent-a-mob? (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Mark Hayes, Paul Aylward

Five poems (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Mario Petrucci, Susanne Ehrhardt, Judith Kazantzis, Fabian Peake, Joan Michelson

Singing Politics, Owning Names (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Shereen Benjamin, Cynthia Cockburn

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Passing shadows (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Joanna Rosenthall

Reviews (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Maureen Mackintosh, Helen Crowley, Stephen Frosh

The New Labour Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Michael Rustin

The Intelligent Process of Living (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Wendy Wheeler

The Politics of Complexity: Acting Locally Matters (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

David Byrne

Thank You For Calling' The New Ideology of Work in the Service Economy (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Gavin Poynter

The Real Meaning of Spin: Containment and compression in modem politics (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Barry Richards

Little Tony: A new fable for new times (Soundings 14, Spring 2000)

Mario Petrucci

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