Soundings 15: States of Mind



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Editorial: Opening up Debate (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Doreen Massey

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Linking the Cultural Left and the Social Left: (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Nancy Fraser, Hugues Jallon, Yves Sintomer, Stephen Wright

Poems (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Fabian Peake, Jane Evans, Khan Singh Kumar, Frances Angela, Florence Elon

Social Entrepreneurs (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Violence Against Women in Bangladesh (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Kate Young

Reviews (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Michael Rustin, David Goldblatt, Andreas Hess

Psychoanalysis, Its Connections and Change (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Alan Shuttleworth

Social Class and the Psyche (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Helen Lucey, Diane Reay

On Looking at Still Life Painting (Soundings 15, Summer 2000)

Jennifer Wakelyn

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