Soundings 17: New Political Directions



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Editorial: Inclusive Citizenship (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Sarah Benton

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New wars, new peace movements (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Giulio Marcon, Mario Pianta

The Philosopher-Politican of Venice: An Interview with Massimo Cacciari (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Massimo Cacciari, Yvon le Bot, Marco Semo, Anna Spadolini

Sex on the left (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Sue Tibballs

The capital market business: Pensions and the new cold war (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Richard Minns

The commonsense revolution in Canada: En route to Smith Square (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Ian Taylor

The political deployment of race/ism: 'One America' and the strange election of George W. Bush (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

John O. Calmore

Five poems (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Paul Allen, Catherine Byron, Michael Laskey, Frances Wilson

Budapest's Statue Park: Memorial or Counter-Monument? (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Judith Rugg, Michele Sedgwick

Working at Sharpshock: A prison for young offenders (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Ruby Millington

A twentieth century life (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Merilyn Moos

Reviews (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Fergus Crow, Jane Desmarais, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Rethinking 'Global' City Centres: A Rejoinder to Henry and Passmore (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Jon Bloomfield

'Boosterism of the Peoples': Multicultural Economic Development and Globalisation from Below (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Nick Henry

The Politics of Flow: On Birmingham, Globalisation and Competitiveness (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

Phil Hubbard

Rerum cognoscere causas (Soundings 17, Spring 2001)

David Donnison

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