Soundings 20: Regimes of Emotion



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: August 1, 2002

Editorial: The Dynamics of Class and the Radical Right (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Michael Rustin

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The Ghetto is Calling (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Haim Bresheeth

Letters from the Palestinian ghetto, 8-13 March 2002 (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Lena Jayyusi

British exceptionalism (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Andrew Stevens

The economic policies of Gordon Brown and the treasury: Stability for what? (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

John Grieve Smith

When Brown was red (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Fraser MacDonald, Andy Cumbers

Four poems (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Susanne Ehrhardt, Judy Gahagan, Hisham Matar, Steven Taylor

Reviews (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Sasha Miller, Gregor McLennan, Peter Howells

Editorial: Regimes of Emotion (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Pam Smith

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Towards a Manifesto for Feelings (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Steve Smith

Emotion management in an age of global terrorism (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Arlie Russell Hochschild

If you love your work, do you thank a careers counsellor? (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Fiona Douglas, Stephen Lloyd Smith

Unemployed and feeling worthless Reflections on the emotional experience of unemployment (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Maria Lorentzon

Emotional labour and cancer work Some reflections after a conference (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Gay Lee

Involvement and emotional labour (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Del Loewenthal

Therapeutic nursing, emotional labour, economic exchange Is there a link? (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

David Newbold

The disappearance of convalescence (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Bridget Towers

The emotional labour of police work (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Rick Rattue, Nelarine Cornelius

The refugee experience (Soundings 20, Spring 2002)

Ian Robbins

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