Soundings 23: Who Needs History



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: June 1, 2003

Editorial: Focussing the critique (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Michael Rustin, Sally Davison

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Global democracy and the Iraq crisis (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Michael Rustin

Geographical imaginations: Post-modern imperialism and the project of European political integration (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Costis Hadjimichalis, Ray Hudson

The failures of privatisation (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Christian Wolmar

The meaning of modernisation (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Alan Finlayson

Chickens come home to roast (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

G.C. Harcourt

Sex, gender and migrations: Facing up to ambiguous realities (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Laura Agustin

Five poems (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Alice Beer, Frances Angela, Martha Kapos, Terence Dooley, Patrick Hobbs

Reviews (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Chris Pawling, Jo Littler, Caroline Bainbridge, Candida Yates

Rummaging in Trotsky's dustbin. Or: what does the left need with history? (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Kevin Morgan

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New left, new pasts? (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Ilaria Favretto

What can the left learn from 1968? The Czechoslovak crisis, the left in Western Europe, revolution and reform (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Maud Bracke

Capturing the Labour Party: A masterplan that went wrong (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

John Callaghan

What can the left learn from history? (Soundings 23, Spring 2003)

Willie Thompson

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