Soundings 24: A Market State



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: September 1, 2003

Editorial: A Market State? (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Sally Davison

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New Labour's double-shuffle (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Stuart Hall

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Public choice theory: the enemy of democracy (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Alan Finlayson

PFI: The only show in town (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Jonathan Rutherford

Social democracy in Britain and Europe (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Renzio Imbeni

Notes from Palestine January 2003 (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Adah Kay

Youth groups and the politics of time and space (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Nora Rathzel

Five poems (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Lorna Dowell, Alice Beer, Martha Kapos, Patrick Early, Patrick Hobbs

Veil of influence: The legacy of John Rawls (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Michael Saward

Christopher Hill An appreciation (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Norah Carlin

The making of political identity: Edward Thompson and William Cobbett (Soundings 24, Summer 2003)

Michael Rustin

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