Soundings 26: Taking on Neo-Liberalism



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: April 1, 2004

Editorial: Resisting Neo-liberalism (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Jonathan Rutherford, Sally Davison

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The New Labour Debate (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Natasha Grzincic, Alan Hooper, Neil Jameson, Martin McIvor, Richard Minns, Zoe Williams

The second wave: The specificity of New Labour neo-liberalism (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Jeremy Gilbert

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Roundtable: Thinking the Global Locally (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Katharine Ainger, Jane Foot, Doreen Massey, Clare Joy

Shuffling Back to Equality? (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Ruth Levitas

Customer- focused government (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Catherine Needham

Rethinking audit and inspection (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Michael Rustin

The Blairlusconi phenomenon (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Geoff Andrews

Pakistan at a crossroads (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Sayeed Khan

Four poems (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Elizabeth Foy, Mario Petrucci, Judy Gahagan, Lorraine Mariner

Reviews (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

John Cowley, Debbie Shaw, Sylvie Prasad

Merry-Go-Round of Death (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Cynthia Cockburn

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For Edward Said (Soundings 26, Spring 2004)

Stuart Hall

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